Construction works of the Federal hi-tech medical radiology center in Dimitrovgrad


  • Address:

    5 В, Kurchatov avenue, Dimitrovgrad

  • Customer:

    Federal Medical-Biological Agency

  • Built-up area:

    30688.79 sq. m

  • Destination:

    Design, Construction, Instrumentation

  • Start date:

    September, 2010

  • Date of completion:

    December, 2018


The Federal  medical radiology center is a prevention and treatment facility, complex of structural subdivisions of which provides hi-tech therapeutic and diagnostic aid to FMBA of Russia contingent and population using modern acievements of the world medical science and practice. Details...


In 2010, the general contractor of FSUE «Federal Center Nuclear Medicine projects Design and Development» of FMBA Russia received a positive opinion of the state expertise on the design and estimate documentation of the Center in Dimitrovgrad and the construction of the facility was started.


 More than 30 hectares are allocated for the construction, where a complex of buildings with a total area of 92,000 sq. m.


Unlike other centers that use only separate nuclear medicine technologies, Dimitrovgrad will have the first unique complex of closed cycle in the country, where all the methods of diagnostics and treatment used in nuclear medicine are presented on one site.   FMRC of FMBA of Russia will be the largest in Europe among specialized medical institutions.


 All buildings are equipped with modern high-tech medical equipment.


 The Heart of the Center is the body of proton therapy, in which up to 1200 patients can be treated annually.


 An important element of the proton therapy cage the FMRC of FMBA of Russia is a unique cyclotron accelerator, which by its characteristics surpasses the analogues established in cancer centers around the world.


 The proton therapy system has four treatment rooms, of which two are equipped with the Gantry system.


In October 2016, a cyclotron accelerator was installed in the Corps of Proton Therapy.


In Dimitrovgrad in Federal medical radiology center the performance qualification of the proton accelerator was performed on March 18, 2017. 


To date, the installation of components of the proton therapy system has been completed and commissioning is underway.


Conclusion was received on the compliance of the constructed capital construction object with the requirements of technical regulations and project documentation for the stage 1 of the facilities to be introduced on May 2017.


At the construction site, work continues on the interior finishing of the buildings, installation of equipment, start-up and adjustment works are underway.


The deadline for the completion of the construction of the FMRC of FMBA of Russia is December 31, 2018.