Construction works



Since 2011 our enterprise, as a General Contractor, is building or has already commissioned the following facilities: 

  • “Federal hi-tech medical radiology center (Dimitrovgrad, the Ulyanovsk region)”;

As an EPC contractor, we are implementing this project designed to provide specialized radiological care according to modern achievements in world medical science and practice. The main structural element of the FHMRC is the proton therapy center equipped with IBA isochronous cyclotron CYCLONE-235, two gantries with 360° rotation travel, an inclined beam treatment room and a fixed small beam treatment room for ophthalmic therapy. In October 2016, the cyclotron was installed, and complex start-up and adjustment works on the technological equipment were completed. In the spring of 2017, the first phase of the complex was commissioned. At the moment, all the buildings have been built, finishing works are being performed, engineering and medical equipment is being installed. Final commissioning is planned for 2018.

  • FSI “North medical clinical center named after Semashko” of FMBA of Russia (Arkhangelsk);
  • “Plant for production of medical radiopharmaceuticals” of FMBA of Russia (Moscow);
  • Major repairs of premises for installation of new medical equipment in SFHI “Chelyabinsk region clinical oncologic dispensary” (Chelyabinsk);
  • Construction and instrumentation of an out-patient hospital for delivery of health care to medically ill patients, who have been exposed to radiation effects at radiation hazardous production facilities (within the works on reconstruction and expansion of FSHCI CH # 83 of FMBA of Russia) (Moscow);
  • Expansion and reconstruction of scientific and treatment center in Federal State-Funded Budgetary Public Health Facility “Hospital # 144” of FMBA of Russia (Saint-Petersburg);
  • The whole range of works on capital construction of "PET center of the District clinical oncologic center" (the 1st stage of construction) (Khabarovsk);
  • Branch of FSUE “Federal center of nuclear medicine projects design and development” of FMBA of Russia “Radiopharmaceuticals production laboratory” (Obninsk).